The Sidhcon Group has evolved and grown to become one of India’s leading construction companies with a proud heritage of delivering iconic infrastructure, resources and property projects across the country. As we look to the next exciting phase of our development, we have revisited our vision, strategy and values to ensure they are aligned with the needs of our investors, clients and employees.

Although our Group is comprised of five unique and distinctive Operating Companies, and people from various parts of the country, we all share one vision, one set of values and one roadmap for achieving that vision.
We define the Sidhcon Group as a leading construction company; this is our motto and vision:

“Engineering Beyond Business”

We aim to be renowned for ethical business practice, delivering through our operating brands.”

Our vision is about aspiring to excellence in everything that we do. It’s about pursuing excellence when we:

  • Create solutions for our clients.
  • Create safe, rewarding and fulfilling careers for our people.
  • Create superior and sustainable returns for our investors.

Each of our Operating Companies is critical to delivering our vision of being renowned for excellence across the construction, mining, and operations and maintenance markets.

Ours is a business built on the combined efforts of around 1,700 employees, each of them empowered in their own role, enabled and encouraged to deliver our vision. It might be as an site engineer ,accounts clerk or a quantity surveyor; as an excavator operator or a project director; as a construction foreman or a safety officer. Each of them is encouraged to do their job to the best of their ability so that, as a whole, we are renowned for excellence. They are empowered to set goals, to innovate within boundaries, use their initiative and to celebrate and reward each other’s successes.

The vision for the Group is a unifying framework that sets out the ideals for the sort of business that we want to be – namely one that is renowned for excellence.