Large construction projects, such as an office building or an industrial complex, are often too complicated for one person to manage. Accordingly, these projects are divided into various segments: site preparation, including clearing and excavation of the land, installing sewage systems, and landscaping and road construction; building construction, including laying foundations and erecting the structural framework, floors, walls, and roofs; and building systems, including protecting against fire and installing electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, and heating systems. SCEPL plays an important part may in one or several of these activities.

Pre Construction

As a Construction Management Company, SCEPL plans, directs, coordinates, and budgets a wide variety of construction projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, wastewater treatment plants, and schools and hospitals.

We schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes, including the selection, hiring, and oversight of specialty trade contractors, such as carpentry, plumbing, or electrical, but we usually do not do any actual construction of the structure.

Pre Construction

SCEPL may supervise an entire project or just part of one.

SCEPL coordinates and supervises the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction, making sure that the project gets completed on time and within budget.

SCEPL works with owners, engineers, architects, and others who are involved in the process. Given the designs for buildings, roads, bridges, or other projects, SCEPL supervises the planning, scheduling, and implementation of those designs.