Career Opportunities

SCEPL is committed to recruiting and retaining qualified, motivated staff that can support our clients effectively on projects around the country. We are involved in a wide array of projects, large and small, in various markets. Our extensive portfolio provides numerous opportunities for our staff to hone their skills and to meet new challenges.

SCEPL offers a range of career development and professional enrichment programs, including:

  • Assist in external research and development programs that allow staff to explore a technical subject in detail
  • Employee networks that promote dialogue and knowledge-sharing among staff
  • Training and mentoring programs aimed at enhancing business and technical skills
  • Certification programs that provide recognition for individual accomplishments

In addition, SCEPL employees have access to a robust benefits program designed to meet both individual and family needs. (Sidhcon is a national company, and benefit packages may vary from one state to another.)

Our company has a diverse employee base, made up of individuals with widely varying backgrounds who are at different stages of their professional careers. They share a common goal: serving our clients according to the highest standards of excellence. We invite you to join Sidhcon and grow with us.


Yes, we will provide you with an agreement signed by both ourselves and you the client outlining the project costs and the specification of the works. We feel it’s a great reassurance for our customers.

We have put together a helpful selection of frequently asked questions , needless to say please feel free to give us a call to discuss your query or project further.

We look forward to hearing from you; contact us

We can produce these in house.
If you have further questions about Architectural Drawings, please visit our Contact page.

Some works are classed as permitted development and others require planning consent and sometimes listed building consent. Please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help with this.

If you have further questions about Laws & Permissions, please visit our Contact page.

We make no charge for our initial consultation. Within which we would look to compile a detailed breakdown of your requirements and then compile your quote.

If you have further questions about Estimation of Rates, please visit our Contact page.

When project deadline is critical, when funding is tight, when overruns and penalties could jeopardize a project’s success, CMaR helps all parties involved get a handle on the situation. SCEPL utilizes CMaR with tools like:

  • SCEPL’s Critical-Path Scheduling Software
  • Cost Estimating and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Constructability Analysis and Review
  • WMBE (Women/Minority-owned) Subcontractors
  • Prequalification of Subcontractors
  • Fast Track, Bid Package Approach Technical Assistance and Advice

SCEPL masters the fine details of project estimating, budgeting, scheduling, permitting, purchasing and cash flow. With this knowledge, we are often able to provide GMP, or Guaranteed Maximum Price, to our clients. SCEPL’s CMaR team offers our clients over 16 years of combined commercial construction experience!

If you have further questions about CMaR or GMP, please visit our Contact page.

SCEPL has significant experience in the construction and renovation of operation centers. We assisted in the remodeling of tracks for Pennar Aluminum at Tharsa-Maharashtra. Many of our commercial construction projects have included loading dock facilities.

For further questions or quotes about building or operation centers, please visit our Contact page

We offer our clients a turnkey package taking the worry and stress out of your project. This allows our clients to have as little (or as much) involvement as they’d like.

If you have further questions, contact us.

We cover works in the state of MP, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Orissa, Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
If you have further questions about Work Area, contact us

SCEPL builds a diverse range of domestic project types, including new construction and renovation of commercial, educational, high technology, industrial, leisure, medical, multi-residence, public and transportation facilities, as well as a variety of other project types. Sidhcon is an industry leader in the successful delivery of projects for the Indian Government, as well as Private Companies throughout the nation.

• Design management • Scheduling • Phasing plans • Estimating • Budgeting/cost-modeling
• Regulatory investigation • Zoning and code compliance• Green building planning/education
• Bid packaging • Value engineering • Subcontractor pre-qualification • Status reporting
Construction • Scheduling • Self-performing concrete • Quality control • Safety management
• Sustainability audits • Construction waste management • Subcontractor management
• Status reporting.

If you have further questions about SCEPL’s work, contact us.

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